Attempt at baby no. 2 that is. God knows, it will take another miracle but hey, we have no problems with that, after all, we believe in miracles! As my Mom says, all babies are miracles, particularly those born of IF couples but Ava…. and the circumstances around her placement with us… now that was a miracle of biblical proportions!

So we’re hoping and praying for another one, how greedy, I know!

What was the clinche? What was it that made us finally make up our minds after grappling with this decision? It was Ava, it was her reaction to herself every time she see’s her own reflection, whether it be in a mirror or even in the distorted reflection of the bath taps when she lies in her bath seat in the evening.

The bonus is that we have peace with our one child and with our one child family, so if its not to be, I don’t believe either Walter or I will be completley crushed.

So God, I know you’re listening and I’m believing and praying that a second time you will fulfill the desires of my heart………….