There are 3 things that have made my infertility journey bearable! I would not have survived this far without these 3 things. Each one of them is as important as the other, if I were to not have one of the 3, I would not have made it this far.

Faith that God’s promise would be fulfilled, faith that one day this would be over, faith that I was brave enough and strong enough to get through it. Faith in God. Faith in Myself. Faith in my Doctor. Faith in my husbands ability to stand by me throughout.

My friends both IRL and cyber. My special friends that I have made along the way, you have no idea how your bravery, love, compassion and support have inspired me and helped me on this journey. From days at the spa, to evenings spent drinking wine and talking till the early hours of the morning, to breakfasts and lunches and tea’s and phone calls and sms’s, I would not have made it without you. Last night Sam and I met up with Mich, its the first time we’ve met in real life, she’s visiting here from another city and is as I type this going under for her 7th ZIFT attempt. My prayer for her is that this could be the end of her infertility journey, that at the end of this, she could have and hold her own living, breathing baby miracle. That all my friends could experience that in the not to distant future.








And last but by no means least. My husband. Although there have times when I’m sure I have frustrated him so badly that he’s probably wanted to strangle me. I know there have been times when my determination on this journey have hurt and overwhelmed him. There have been times when my pain has overwhelmed him and brought him to tears but he’s still there, walking every step of the way with me. Facing our 4th IVF together, I could not have come this far without his love and support.