What Reality TV Has Taught Me

We’ve had a very chilled weekend this  weekend. Lots of swimming, napping & watching of TV. While skimming through the channels last night I was struck by all the messages that reality TV bombards us with and to be honest, it made me a little sad and also a little disgusted in mankind.

When did it become ok to hero-worship people who’s only claim to fame is a vulgar display of wealth? Who spew meanness & poison from their filthy mouthes? When did being a bitchy, cruel, vulgar, loose moral bully become a beautiful woman? How did we reach a new moral low of enjoying watching women physically fighting with each other, complete with hair pulling, scratching & vulgar name calling become entertainment?

When did stupid become cool?

When did ignorance & a lack of compassion for living creatures  become a sign of wealth & class?

I’m astounded that in this day & age people still think it’s cool to support the fur trade, to eat products like Foie Gras or make jokes about using rhino horn for medicinal purposes?    How stupid & callous have we become?

I’m also really sad by the number of damaged people in the world! People still struggling with the long-term effects of child abuse, absent parents & neglect.

There are a few things I’ve learned from a weekend of relaxing & watching rubbish TV.

I know I want to be the type of parent who is always available to my child. I want to be the type of parent who is present with my child. I want to teach her that money doesn’t equal class & that bragging & vulgar displays of wealth is not something to be admired. I want to teach her the value of living mindfully & with compassion. Of considering the wellbeing of all living creatures. I want her to know that the true mark of a lady is not how much money she has or what is in her closet but in the way that she conducts herself and I hope that Ava will conduct herself with dignity & compassion.

I learned a lot from reality TV this weekend, a lot about who I am and what I never want to be! It also gave me more insight into not just who I am and what is acceptable to me, but also into the type of parent I am.


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