My journey as a blogger started waaay back in 2008, with my very first blog, which was an infertility blog. This morphed and changed as I travel down through the journey of my life, from infertility blogger, to adoption/mommy blogger. Ava’s placement, which was extraordinary, inspired so many struggling with infertility and without sounding arrogant, my journey into parenthood via adoption inspired others to follow in my adoption footsteps and our story touched lives and played a small part in the creation of other families.

Adoption became my passion. Assisting others and walking their adoption journey’s with them, became my passion and my honour and as a result, Trinity Heart was formed. It was my labour of love, my passion. It consumed me, I devoured literature on adoption, I linked up and liaised with social workers, places of safety and birth mom support groups working in the field of adoption. I was on fire with passion and great love for adoption and for all who work in the field and who form part of the adoption triad. I was inspired and wrote regularly on the TH blog. I scoured the internet for inspirational adoption stories, for information.

Then Hannah was placed with us and our family was instantly completed. And over time, I have moved forward on my journey and our adoption journey, while ongoing, has become less and less of what defines me, of what makes me who I am and what makes us a family and I’ve felt my passion waning. Not passion for adoption, but passion for Trinity Heart. I hardly ever update the blog any-more, I’ve neglected the Face Book page and Twitter account. I no longer have an instant response to those reaching out via email and social media. I’m just not passionate about it any more. My heart isn’t in it and I’m not doing it justice.



And so I have decided to retire Trinity Heart. I’ve cancelled the domain, will be deleting the FB pages and Twitter account and laying it to rest permanently. Anything worth doing is worth doing properly and I’m not doing it properly. I’m tired of having my heart ripped to shreds from emails by desperate birth mom’s looking for assistance, by infertile couples and same sex couples with  heart breaking stories to share. I can’t do it any more. It probably sounds horrible, but I just don’t want to do it any more.

I will always be an adoption ambassador and will never turn away from anyone seeking my advise or assistance, but it’s time to lay the formality of Trinity Heart to rest.

I’m not that person any more, I’m just a mom, with two daughters, granted, their stories are different and our family came to be in the most extraordinary of ways but my focus is not on the how any more, the focus is on who we are and our lives together.

Trinity Heart – The End.