If you haven’t heard of Melissa Buchman, then you must either not have internet access or you’re living under a rock somewhere, or perhaps both! But for those of you with internetlessness, trapped under a rock, here is a quick recap:

Who is Melissa Bachman?

Melissa is one of the most intense and hardcore hunters you will ever meet. Her passion for the outdoors kicked in at an early age while hunting with her family in central Minnesota. Throughout high school she could be found in a tree stand before class and dreamed of a way to hunt for a living.

A week or so ago, my Twitter & Face Book timelines were filled with this image and hateful, sexist comments & threats directed at Melissa, who came to South Africa to LEGALLY hunt a lion. There were blog posts and tweets and status updates and hate and vengeance and threats against this woman, people were outraged, baying for her blood, the outcry made international headlines around the world.

lion hunter

Do I like what she did? No! Could I hunt an animal? Absolutely not! But she didn’t break the law, she was here legally and hunted with a permit.

Yesterday the news broke of a 6 week (6 WEEKS???!!!!) old baby that was raped! The irony…. the rape occurred during the 16 Days Of Activism for no violence against women & children but it has barely been a blimp on the South African radar. No outrage. No blog posts. Almost zero tweets or Face Book status updates. Its as if we as a nation just did a collective shrug and carried on with daily life.

WTF is wrong with our society???? How can a lions life be more valued that a child? I am in tears! I do not understand! WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE????? Why are we NOT demanding an explanation? Why are we NOT demanding that our government, police forces, child protection services, universities or department of social services research this epidemic in our country? What happened to moral regeneration?

What is happening to us as a society? The excuse that the child rapist isn’t on Twitter so why bother IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Why did we feel it necessary to attack and cyber bully a woman who hunted a lion legally and yet we barely shrug our shoulders and demand nothing of the powers that be when it comes to a baby rapist!

We NEED to be this baby’s voice! We NEED to be the voice of our children, our future? What if God forbid, that was your child or mine? Are we so numb, so disillusioned, so powerless that we no longer care? That we no longer have any compassion or sense of outrage of WHAT’S REALLY IMPORTANT???

I can’t… I just can’t… I can’t believe what is happening to us as a society, how complacent we’ve become. How misguided.

Is it too much effort to fight for our children????

This is just a rant, I don’t have the answers, I am just deeply saddened by the state of affairs. I feel hopeless and powerless and wonder what future my children (Girls) have in a country with the highest rape statistics, with baby rape, with femicide.

My heart breaks.