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I have become increasingly passionate about spreading the message, motivating, inspiring and empowering women, the older I get.

I am a feminist.

And I’m proud of it. Recently, my own journey through life has gone in a completely different direction. I am so excited. I’m on the up and up and it’s all because I have been mentored and empowered by some amazing women!

All of these changes started, when Lauren from Kid’s Emporium, invited me to attend her annual bloggers breakfast. Lauren is an absolute powerhouse in her own right, but then she introduced me to Janice from The Working Mother’s Expo and literally, that day changed the course of my life!


After that fortuitous meeting, my life changed dramatically. I started recognizing my own value. I started to feel empowered. I started to feel like I needed, wanted and deserved more. And change happened.

I started my new job last week. I’m working in a company that is 95% women. We have exactly 3 male employees and none of them are in senior positions. The women are the proverbial rulers of the roost. Last week, I sad in on a meeting and as I looked around the boardroom table, I was struck by the power and the incredible energy that was radiating around the room from all the feminine energy. It is SO very different and I love it. I feel empowered by it.

And I think this event is going to be another example of incredible feminine energy and empowerment. 

Are you looking for financial empowerment?

You’re invited to attend Women & Wealth.

Date: 16 September 2017
Venue: Radisson Blu, V&A Waterfront
Event start time: 08:00 for 09:00
Event end time: 13:30
Ticket costs : R150 for adults (18 years and older) and R70 for young adults (13 – 17 years)

You will receive a complimentary brunch, a R100 Wealth Migrate Investment voucher to start you off on your own journey and a special gift bag from their sponsors.

More about the event….

Guest Speakers:

Redefine your relationship with money by joining the Women & Wealth event where their speakers will share their journey to financial independence and key lessons on how to create wealth.

Book your seat here: Women & Wealth





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