Working Mom’s – Remember This…..

Mother’s are the cornerstones of our society. We deserve respect and care, because we are are the bringers of the future of our societies. But more often than not, we are not given the respect we deserve and have earned and this is even more true for working mother’s. Too many people buy into the outdated myths about working mother’s being distracted, being less productive than than their male/non parental counterparts and this could not be further from the truth.

So working Mom’s, I want you (and me) to remember this:

But first a bit of a back story….. On Saturday, I attended the Kid’s Emporium Blogger Breakfast. Lauren, the founder of Kid’s Emporium, is a powerhouse! She is the living, breathing, doing, example of what working mother’s are capable of when given the right environment to do it in. Just listening to her and being in her presence was inspiring. She brought on board Janice, from Working Mother’s Expo as a guest speaker to talk to us about time management.


I never expected that the @kidsemp blogger breakfast would give me something so powerful, but the words from @workingmothersexpo made me feel empowered & powerful! She gave me back something today, I forgot about, my value! I am a powerful woman & mother, destined for far greater things. Her words helped me make a decision I’ve been struggling with for ages, probably years actually. But today, as I sat there like a chop with tears in my eyes, I had an awakening! No one will ever value me if I don’t value myself first. So today I declare it: I am a powerful woman, destined for far greater things! I’m claiming it, right now! When I got home & opened the gift box & saw the mug we each received, with a personalized message, I knew I’ve made the right decision! Watch this space…. I’m building my very own empire!

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The talk went a little off topic….

But it could’t have been more relevant to me. I literally sat there with tears in my eyes listening to Janice speak. She started off by talking about root cause analysis, which is something my husband introduced me to a few months ago. In simple terms, it’s the most effective and simplest tool to use to find the root of a problem. ANY problem, whether it be personal or work related, you apply the theory of root cause analysis, which is asking why 5 times, and you on the 5th why, you will get to the root of whatever the problem is. 

For me, the root cause is feeling under valued.

And I think this is common among working mothers! I was so motivated and literally on fire, with decisions, ideas and plans when I left that breakfast on Saturday, my soul was alight for the first time in ages, because I could FINALLY identify what was at the root of all my feelings for literally YEARS!

I’ve spent the entire weekend thinking about this theme. And, if like me, you’ve been feeling undervalued as a working mother, here’s what I want to tell you today:

  • You are POWERFUL
  • You ARE worthy of investment
  • You deserve to be uplifted, coached, encouraged and trained to be ALL that you can be as a working mother
  • The quality of your work and your productivity is NOT defined by the hours you spend at the office
  • Making your children a priority DOES NOT make you less valuable as an employee
  • Defined working hours actually make you MORE productive because you know you have priorities that need to be met and met in a specific time span so that you can continue to be that ROCK STAR mom that you are
  • You ARE valuable!
  • You should NEVER be seen as the bottom rung employee because you are a mother!
  • Putting in long hours at the office, to the detriment of your children, when its work that can be done from your home at night after your kids have gone to bed, does not make you a good employee, it simply makes you feel like a bad mother
  • Hours worked do NOT equal productivity
  • Productivity equals productivity

I am a woman and a mother. I am valuable. I am worthy of investment, of coaching and training and growth. I am worth investing in. I am an asset to any employer. I deserve to be embraced and grown within the work place. 

I am a working MOTHER, this makes me warrior, tough, tenacious, determined, worthy and valuable, not just as an employee but as an example to the daughters I am raising who will one day go out into the work force!

I will not be down trodden, overlooked or ignored!

I am a WOMAN, hear me ROAR!




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