So Marcia has been doing a series of posts on Mother Styles and its really had me fascinated by how we’re all excelling at doing the same job and yet we all do it so differently. So this morning, after reading Marcia’s Post today , I decided to take the Mother Styles Quiz and the results weren’t that surprising, in fact, its exactly the result I anticipated and most of all, its exactly the result I would have liked. While I realize we all do this job differently, I also realize we all have strong opinions on what we believe to be best for our children, I’m happy with my results because the results describe exactly the type of mother I’m striving to be.

ESFJ – The “Happy Together” Mother

The ESFJ mother has a highly developed sense of family and what it takes to be happy in life. Capable and personally invested, she strives to create a happy family where togetherness and harmony flourish. Whether it’s taking her children to the park or putting on a holiday feast, her efforts are directed toward having everyone be “happy together.” To many, the ESFJ personifies motherhood. She promotes traditional values, tends to the practical and domestic, provides the family with order and structure, and is directly involved with her children’s day-to-day living. The ESFJ mother is a “doer,” and she’s never happier than when she’s “doing” for her family.

Oh, and here is my little sausage all tucked up in our bed this am! I’m still struggling to find the words that can come anywhere close to describing the powerful emotion that is my love for her!

Happy sweet natured little girl, even at 05h30!