You’re Never Too Old To Follow Your Passion

I’m 44 years old and since turning 40, my desire to chase my dreams and follow my passions has become much stronger. I dunno, there is something about approaching “middle age” that has made me realize, it’s now or never. That if I have a strong desire to do or achieve something, then the time is now. 

So at the beginning of this year, Ava started horse riding lessons and the more time I spent at the yard, with the horses and watching Ava’s lessons, the more I realized this was something from my youth I was desperate to get back to. 

I’ve been thinking about it for 6 months and finally the opportunity has arisen and I’ve decided to just go for it! 


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I had my first lesson last weekend and it was highly addictive. I spent the entire weekend on a complete high after my first refresher lesson, you guys, it’s been more than 22 years since I was last in an arena and on the back of a horse. Even though it felt strange, it was the best feeling and I spent all of last week looking forward to this past weekends lesson. 


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There is something to be said for following a passion. The sense of achievement I get with each lesson, the joy from knowing I’m doing something I’ve desired to do again for years, it’s indescribable.

It’s also fantastic quality time for Ava and I, and seeing me on horse back has improved her confidence in herself as well. The more she watches me, the more her self belief has grown. 


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To the point, where on Sunday, she insisted on taking part in an informal show at our school and she was a champ. More excited than nervous and determined to go out there and be the best she could be. I was incredibly proud of her, she kept up with her trot perfectly and aside from one slip up where she forgot to hold her “light seat” while going over the trotting poles and almost losing her balance, she was a champion in my eyes.


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The best part about doing this has a 44 year old is that I no longer have the immature insecurities that I had as a child. I’m not nearly as fearful as I used to be. Sure, I have huge respect for the horse and what can happen when something goes wrong, and believe me, at some point, it will. But I am getting such tremendous pleasure and joy out of the experience too. I find it incredibly calming, not to mention, one hell of a work out on my core muscles, butt and inner thighs.

I’ve already told my instructor that I will participate in the next show and yes I probably will be the only adult among a group of 6 year olds going over the trotting poles, but I don’t care, because I’m doing this for me and it brings me tremendous joy and to hell with what anyone else things. And I think that’s the other part of this whole experience that has been so liberating. Doing something because I want to, because I love it and not caring a damn what anyone else thinks of me out there.

So look out for my photo’s of me posing with a horse and a rosette, I won’t have won anything, except the ability to live and experience a life long dream! 


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